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sarah mallory disgrace and desire купить по лучшей цене

When Mallory, Layla, Reilly and Jack became best friends, the three women agreed that their tall, gorgeous male buddy was offlimits. Only, Mallory ended up toppling into bed with Jack that very night.And she hasn't been able to keep her eyes–or hands–off him since. But little does she realize that their blazing secret love affair is quickly burning out of control….Nothing can describe how good Jack feels with Mallory hot and wanting in his arms. But illicit sex just isn't cutting it for him anymore. Jack wants to bring their relationship out from under the covers. Mallory, however, likes keeping him–and everybody else–in the dark. Still, with the heat the two of them generate, something is bound to be exposed soon. And Jack can only hope it's Mallory….

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